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Discover Bruce and Winnie Meyers' captivating books today! With thrilling adventures and heartwarming stories, their collection is sure to keep you hooked. Don't miss out - grab your copies now!

Racing -   By Bruce Meyers


As it was told to me; at the arrival of a pair of Meyers Manx dune buggies at each slalom event, there was much snickering and laughter.  The top time of the day, beating the Ferrari’s, Cobra’s, and Corvette’s silenced the laughing.  For three straight years, west coast slalom championships were held by these cars.  Similar results were seen at Pike’s Peak.  At the beginning of off-road racing in Baja, five of history’s first six cars were all Meyers Manx’s.

Why Not? -  By Winnie Meyers

Why Not, became a way of life after connecting with Bruce Meyers, the artist, sailor, boat builder, veteran, surfer, musician, inventor, and of course the inventor of the fiberglass dune buggy, the Meyers Manx!  This book, written by Winnie Meyers after 40 years together (wife #6), explores her background, their meeting, and some of their trials and tribulations restarting the Meyers Manx company, as well as creating the “Manx Club” which is still current today!  You are invited to peak into the soul of the Meyers’ life of “Why Not?”

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